Not sure if you want to try out Chasing Your Tail? Let our clients tell you about their experiences with Chasing Your Tail’s personalized pet care services.

“Mike is the most patient person I’ve ever met when it comes to caring for dogs. He truly has a committed love for them. I’ve personally watched Mike and his family take in a completely unsociable dog and nurture him into a healthy, loving family pet.”

Karrie F.

“I have known Mike Moon many years both personally and professionally. His love of animals and their well-being has always touched my heart. His commitment to serving makes him stand out as the person I would entrust the important responsibility of caring for my precious Tempest.”

Cathy M.

“We used to always stress over what to do with our three dogs when our family would go out of town for the weekend or for a long vacation. To say they are a handful would be an understatement. We know that our high-maintenance dogs are being wonderfully taken care of while we’re gone. Chasing Your Tail — they just love dogs. We highly recommend this service to everyone!”

Sandy H.

“… Chasing Your Tail walked my dog, fed my dog, and most importantly loved my dog. I trust them immensely. They are perfect for stress-free pet care.”

Sean A.